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Yoël Cantori was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Switzerland. After successfully finishing his studies with Prof. Ivan Monighetti in Basel, he moved to Paris where he became a solo Cellist in the Orchestra Ostinato (Opéra Comique). To gain even greater skills, Yoël became a solo Cellist in the Orquestra do Norte (Portugal) and vice solo Cellist at the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. But he was also internationally successful:  Yoël played for the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra in New Zealand as solo Cellist.

Currently, Yoël Cantori is part of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Rhineland and, since 2006, vice director of the Découvertes Musicale Le Locle (Switzerland). There, he shares his love for chamber music with both, an exquisite audience and brilliant musicians during the season. Having won many international awards, Yoël is a very popular solo musician, who regularly gives concerts throughout the world.

He plays on a beautifully designed Cello by Giovanni Tedesco and can either be booked as solo artist or joined by other musicians.

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