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Ursula Heller was born in the Rhineland and had a great desire to become a journalist from an early age. She studied German, history and philosophy in Freiburg, Cambridge and Munich.

While studying in Munich, she started her broadcasting career in the editorial team of the B3- Radio- Show with German radio stars Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch.

She says that she learned a lot from her colleagues during this time and specially how the two dealt with interviewees was most formative for her. 

Among other things, her career as a Radio Moderator startet with the “B3-Morgentelegram”, and it didn’t take long until Ursula Heller’s television career also began with the moderation of the daily “Rundschau Magazin”. Politics and information are her expertise, as the frontwoman of the “Rundschau”, presenter of the political magazine “Kontrovers”, the science magazine “W wie Wissen”, 20 years as a talk show host on the “Münchner Runde” and various ARD special programs.  

Ursula Heller never stopped working as a Radio Moderator and is currently presenting the Bayern 2 show “Eins zu Eins. The Talk”.  She loves topicality, quick implementation, precise and to-the-point interviews. She doesn’t let up, but her tone is always respectful and charming.

Ursula Heller is a brilliant event presenter,is always excellently prepared, has a great sense of the mood on stage and her audience and captivates the audience with her spontaneity, wit and charm.

Journalism is her dream job – and you can still hear it in every sentence she says and you can see it in her face!

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