Alexander Brown

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Alexander Brown is a Danish DJ and producer whose career began at the young age of 15 and who has the image of being a rebel. Some say Brown rocks the decks like Guns N’ Roses icon Slash plays guitars and his success proves him right.

With 6 platinum and 12 gold awards, 4 Danish DJ awards and 2 Best Club Hits awards, he is one of the most successful DJs in the country. His live- sets are thrilling and action-packed and of course contain his very own bombastic sound.

For years he has been performing at festivals and clubs throughout Scandinavia, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. 

His highly infectious style mix between house, EDM and pop quickly achieved great recognition in the United State and Great Britain and so it was not surprising that he was soon able to celebrate big success there such as Collaborations with Megastars like Pitbull and Fatman Scoop on “Raise The Roof” or Busta Rhymes on “You’re A Star”! 

Alexander Brown’s journey from humble beginnings at street festivals, to receiving gold and platinum awards and performing live around the world reflects his unwavering determination and passion for music. From Denmark to the world, that`s Alexander Brown!

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