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When Eva was only a little girl, people predicted that one day she would become an artist. However, she would never had thought this to become true. She used to love to withdraw into solitude and focus entirely on her fantasies and creativity. Eva simply loved to create things not caring about what materials she used. She tried out almost all common art materials before she realised there was this one thing which expressed her feelings best: sand art!

She bought her first glass table, switched on the lights and went head over heels into a new dimension.

During this time Eva also studied crafts and technical ceramics at Vasnetzov College in St. Petersburg. She also attended Sand Pro Studio in St. Petersburg, the Interactive Art Studio in Egypt and became one of Europe`s leading sand artists. After touring through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and even South Korea, Eva finally came to Germany.

Since 2015 she lives in Hamburg and has ever since been telling stories without using words, just art, fascinating the audience all over the country.

Eva says: “Sand is an extraordinary material. In the hands of a master it is an instrument which precisely transmits feelings and emotions. In a half-dark atmosphere, while the music is playing and the hands are dancing tango with the sand, reality stops, and the audience is transferred into another world.“

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