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Born and bred in Denmark, Rasmus – Magic Malmstrœm – very early realized that he wanted to do something really special in his life. Starting with music and photography, Rasmus was able to fulfil his dream of travelling through Europe with a bunch of other artists. After school, he also travelled the world with his guitar and camera.

During his travels, most of which he undertook with his wife, he discovered his passion for magic. The father of two kids now lives in Copenhagen and is one of the best magicians in Scandinavia.

His shows are either in English or his mother tongue Danish. Last year, he had a show in London`s Tower Bridge, did some magic on a flight from Copenhagen to the Faroer Islands and played at the legendary Pioneer Works in New York.

In his shows Magic Malmstrœm exceeds imagination and pushes the boundaries of modern magic. His incredible illusions and manipulations will make you think: How is this possible?

During his stage performance Magic Malmstrœm interacts with the audience, reads their thoughts and plays with our understanding of reality. You will experience a modern, interactive, magical show, which will take you on a hypnotical journey towards manipulation, illusion and humour.

In his „Close up Experience“ his magic is direct and pure because nothing is more convincing. Using everyday  items such as cards, smart phones and even the thoughts of his audience, Magic Malmstrœm makes magic visible.

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