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Acrobatics at the highest level leave the audience breathless and fascinated by the incredible figures that the duo Tourkeev shows in their program high above the arena floor.

Precision and power characterize the artistic skills of both of them. The Duo Turkeev belongs to the best that you can get in aerial acrobatics.

For years Dmytro Turkeev and Julia Galenchyk have been on stages as the „Duo Turkeev“ on many variety theaters around the world and impressed with their extraordinary ability and the imaginative coreographies that cast a spell on the audience.

High above the heads of the audience and sometimes with daring speed, the acrobats move in a sleepwalking security showing their skills. Their appearances in the show program of the Cirque du Solei in over seventeen countries on four continents made them being one of the top aerial acrobatics.

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