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Tony Mevius founded the group in 2001. He himself is a former athlete and Cirque du Soleil artist and hence the creative and visionary head of the team.

During the past few years he trained many former athletes in becoming show artists. He also integrated talented performers as well as creative minds into his team, thus continually extending his show programme.

Starting with ground- and partner acrobatics, Cosmic Artists soon set up a manifold and almost unique show programme. Today, there are more than ten acts, which also include blacklight and jumping acrobatics as well as air artistics, trampolinist walls and shadow shows. Interactive video shows complete Cosmic Artists repertory and give you the perfect chance to showcase your brand.

Customers all around the world are very pleased with the know-how and wide variety of the Cosmic Artists; their regular appearance in TV shows, a performance at the German chancellor`s office as well as cooperations with Cirque du Soleil add to this satisfaction.

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