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This beautiful, one of a kind, an extraordinary artist, began her amazing journey as a young child. Astatine’s life was dedicated to training and competing in Rhythmic Gymnastics. At the age of 19, Astatine’s determination, creativity, and passion qualified her to compete in the World Cup. Astatine excelled and won several medals as a finalist of the World Championship in Group Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Using her skills as a dancer, model, and actress, Astatine always knew of a passion deep inside of her. She wanted to become an artist that creates her own shows for the world to enjoy. She went to the theatre and finally devoted herself to her greatest love – performing on stage. 

Astatine continues to delight in varieties, musicals, shows, and events all around the world, the planet is her stage. Her performance brings a harmonized connection of grace, sensuality, style, beauty, technic, and elegance. Regularly her shows are sold- out and her audience honors her performances with standing ovations.    
When not performing or touring, Astatine develops her new astounding, unique concepts for her special acts.

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