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An event only then becomes successful if it reflects the host`s motivation, makes the organisers feel relaxed and lets the guests think positive of it in retrospect.
These aims can only be achieved through well-considered planning, love for the detail, creativity and profound knowledge. In the past few years we have optimised this knowledge of the ideal event as well as built up a network consisting of professional partners and service providers. With these we have shown many companies from various backgrounds the road to the perfect event.

Artist Booking

To always find the ideal artist for the customer`s event and thus give all participants the feeling of being optimally treated, is one of the most important skills when it comes to artist booking. We have the sure instinct and knowledge that has made us successful in this field during the past ten years.
Besides our „own“ artists from different genres, we are able to draw from a worldwide artists network to set up a customised show programme for our clients.


A strong Network

We think that joining different abilities and a great set of ideas are key to a successful cooperation. Our professional, hands-on way and the love for our job make us great at what we do and define who we are – Professional Eventers! Professional Eventers are a legally protected entrepreneurial network for event management and artist booking.

Finding together is the beginning. Staying together is an improvement. Cooperation is success.

Artists & Presenters

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Music Act

Djabe is one of the world’s best fusion bands. Since their foundation 22 years ago the Hungarian artists have won numerous international awards and prizes. They performed in more than 42 countries all over Europe, Asia and North America.


Marc Bator


Marc Bator is chief host of the German news station Sat.1. From 2005 to 2013 he presented the eight o`clock news at the German TV channel ARD. Marc is one of the most famous people on German television. He has decades of experience, is an entertaining host, always well-informed and close to the people.


Aura Dione

Music Act

Aura Dione is the most successful Danish pop artist of all times. Her songs “I will love you Monday (365)”, “Song for Sophie”, “Friends” and “Geronimo” were No. 1 hits in Germany and Europe. She enthrals the audience with her outstanding live shows.


Alexandra Polzin


Alexandra Polzin knows the art of presenting. She is witty and charming as well as extremely modest. In short: She takes the lead! However, her guests are the main actors. As a host she connects the people and makes each event a great experience.


Jonas Rendbo

Music Act

Jonas Rendbo is the „Godfather of Scandinavian Soul“. U.S. media gave him this title long before the man with the incredible voice and aura was awarded “Artist of the Year” at the Scandinavian Soul Music Awards in Stockholm.


Gerhard Leinauer


Gerhard Leinauer has an M.A. in literature, communication and sports. However, he focuses on his work as sport journalist and presenter. He thus is the face and voice of „Eurosport“. His moderations concerning the 2018 Olympic Ice hockey semi-finals and finals have become legendary.


Andreas Dieck


Andreas Dieck used to comment on the Olympic Games and other famous sports events. He was member of the editorial staff and hosted the sports news for „RTL Aktuell“ as well as the lifestyle magazine „Exclusiv“. He now is a freelance moderator and journalist, develops TV shows, is media coach and a very well-known DJ!


Light Balance

Show Act

Since 2012 Light Balance have been delighting their Fans on the entire globe with their extraordinary performance. Their show is a perfect and unique interaction of light, LED effects, illusion, music, choreography and dance.


Eva Aibaz

Show Act

When Eva Aibaz was only a little girl, people predicted that one day she would become an artist. Eva managed to fulfil this prophecy owing to her great talent, huge commitment as well as the strength to never give up and hence has become one of Europe`s leading sand artists.


Simonetta Ginelli

Music Act

Simonetta Ginelli is one of Germany’s well-known harpist. Following her motto „Wild at Harp“, she centres her performance around the harp as a solo instrument. Simonetta challenges both, audience and harp, with her extraordinary repertory.


Magic Malmstrøm

Show Act

Magic Malmstrøm is one of Scandinavia`s best magicians. With his performance he exceeds the usual imagination and pushes the boundaries of modern magic. While viewing his shows, one has no other choice but ask oneself: how is this possible?


Euphoria Ladies Band

Music Act

Euphoria Ladies Band is combined girl power. Coming from Ukraine, the musicians have been fascinating their audience for many years in more than 40 countries! Functioning as trio, Jazz Band or in other formations, these ladies are a visual and musical highlight at every event.


VERBA Schattentheater

Show Act

Since 2010 the artists from VERBA Shadow Theatre have been delighting people all over the world with their unique art form and creativity. The audience is captured and transferred into a different world. A world full of stories, which can be read, heard, seen and experienced in books, movies or everyday life.



Music Act

21-year-old newcomer SOPHIA. has made her debut with an impressive music album called „What I Found“. She owes her great individuality to her touching, mature voice and her special style of music. One however, is reminded of Lena and Adele when it comes to SOPHIA.`s voice and style.

Jane Alegra ColeFoto: Thomas NiedermŸller /

Alegra Cole

Music Act

Alegra Cole has the perfect feeling for a challenging audience and thus always the right music at hand. That is why the former model has become one of the most asked for national and international DJanes. Her cool and glamorous performance make her a visual and musical highlight at every event.


Desired Artist

Desired Artist

Are you looking for an artist for your event?
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Marc Neblung


Marc Neblung has always been attracted by the stage. Today, both stage and television are an essential part of his life and work. Marc is one of MDR`s most popular hosts and reporters and is also very much asked for as fair and event moderator.


Cosmic Artists

Show Act

Cosmic Artists are a very special performance team. They consist of more than ten different show acts like ground-, partner-, blacklight-, and jumping acrobatics, air artistics, trampolinists walls or interactive video performance. This, as well as their know-how make them unique in Germany.


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